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Why Dry Aged Beef

Why Dry Aged Beef

The Definition of Aging


Beef needs aging. And aging needs time. Dry Aging – translated “to mature dry” – is THE traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and intensive flavour. A technique, many decades old, through which beef reaches the highest possible grade.The pleasure associated with dry-aged meat is like nothing you have ever tasted before. The texture cannot be compared to an “ordinary piece of meat”. So no wonder dry-aged beef is renowned by foodies as the “king of meats” on the steak menu.

A dry-aged steak is exactly what it sounds like: a cut of beef that has been aged, uncovered and surrounded by air. … The time in the aging room also breaks down collagen—the connective tissues that holds together the beef’s muscle fibers—so these steaks are more tender than fresh steaks.

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