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The Taste Of Italy From Nowt Poncy

The Taste Of Italy From Nowt Poncy

There is nothing quite like reproducing the flavour’s of far-off places you have visited when you’re back home. It brings back so many memories of aromas, places visited and, of course, the local food. For Nowt Poncy, it has to be simple and delicious. They want it to be authentic, just like the locals make it – nutritious, without nasty preservatives, as healthy as possible and we don’t want to spend hours preparing it either. Just open it up, stick it in a pan, heat it and add to our favourite pasta or ingredients. You can rustle up a fab meal in under twenty minutes that’s easy on the calories and huge on flavour.


We want all the whole family to be able to eat and enjoy it and ask when they can have it again. Believe it or not children LOVE their curry sauce – you’ll be so surprised when they scoff the lot.

Nowt Poncy’s  sauces are made with love and with care. They use them too so they want every jar to invade their senses and remind them of those lazy days away. They are hand cooked to maintain flavour and consistency and they use herbs like basil and oregano and they won’t compromise on quality or flavour. Nowt Poncy want their sauces to be low in calories, salt, fat, sugar, saturated fat AND still taste amazing! They also want them to be vegetarian and vegan friendly and suitable for kids and adults alike!

Nowt Poncy’s sauces are good honest food made with great ingredients  and sourced from small business and suppliers wherever possible. They want their sauces to be available to as many people as possible, which is why we are aiming to make amazingly tasty products (that are also gluten free) and to make them vegetarian and vegan friendly too.

Kids LOVE ’em!  You can be sure they will scoff the lot!

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