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bowland foods

Bowland Foods is a hands-on family wholesale meat business, with over 30 years experience in the industry, from both a farming and meat wholesale perspective.
The Company is owned and run by the Wood family, on the outskirts of the city of Preston in Lancashire, Northern England.
Our customers comprise Individual Butchers Shops, The Food Service Industry and Secondary Wholesalers.
We sell a complete range of cuts and carcasses of quality British Beef, Pork and Lamb to suppliers all over the UK.


Johnson & Swarbrick, established in 1985, are the UK’s foremost poultry producer. A family owned and operated business, who’s motto is ‘a happy bird is a tasty bird’. Their famous cornfed Goosnargh chicken and duck is supplied to the finest chefs around the country including Nigel Howarth of Northcote Manor, Mark Hix of Hix Restaurants, Chris and Jeff Galvin of Galvin Restaurants and Sydney Aldridge of Fortnum and Mason; confirming the quality of the poultry is second to none.

At J&S we’re passionate about our produce. What makes us different is the way we rear our birds the rearing and feed process. With our own mixing plant, running 5 days a week, we know exactly what we’re feeding our birds. We feed them what’s good for them.

No genetic modifications- no growth promoters, no antibiotics or any other additives included.
We have created own unique recipe promoting slow growth. The birds all arrive to the farm at one day old. They are out into nursery sheds that are heated to the specified temperature for 21 – 28 days. At this stage they are moved to the adult sheds which are open, spacious, well aired with plenty of room to run freely. They are bedded daily with fresh barley straw and miscanthus (a revolutionary biomass crop), this is grown on our own land within a 3 mile radius of the farm.

A rich tradition, a confident future
Established in 2004, in north west Manchester AB&S Wholesale Meats & Poultry started with 2 men and a borrowed truck.
With a passion for service and a commitment to the customer to deliver the right product at the right price. The business has established a first-class reputation for supplying meat to precise specifications. The company continues to build on that rich tradition and heritage, we now have a loyal and experienced workforce of over 65 staff, operating from 3 units with a fleet of 8 bespoke vehicles.
We now operate to Quality standard BRC AA Grade which we are very proud of.

Broader range of products

Initially the company’s product range was based on beef, lamb and pork. Over the years, our ambitions have led us into new product areas; firstly with poultry, then the launch of a gammon range 10 years ago and more recently the investment in a new mince and dice operation.

Our future
To continue with the passion of providing the best products, at the right prices to meet our customer’s needs. Whilst investing in our people and factories to continue the success story.

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