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Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus cattle are naturally polled and can be black or red in colour although black is the dominant colour, white may occasionally appear on the udder. They are resistant to harsh weather, undemanding, adaptable, good natured, mature extremely early and have a high carcass yield with nicely marbled meat.


Aberdeen Angus beef is recognised throughout the world and instantly connected with exceptional eating quality. Well matured and marbled, it is superbly tender and flavoursome. Special Trim Fillet Steaks are cut across the grain of the long fillet so each portion is of an even thickness.


The superior quality of Angus beef comes from its excellent marbling, tenderness, texture and flavour. … Marbling is actually a natural inlay of fat. When this fat is evenly distributed in the meat, it heightens the overall eating quality and makes the meat juicier and more flavoursome.

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