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Should We Be Eating More Game

Should We Be Eating More Game

The word of the moment is, of course, sustainable, and it is fast becoming an element that is influencing the way we all live. With ethical sourcing at the top of most people’s priorities, it is no wonder that game – one of the most truly sustainable meats available – is becoming increasingly sought after.


You only have to look at the benefits to see why – it is lean, nutrient dense and high-welfare, and popular in today’s health-conscious society. You will now also find game meat appearing on the menus of some the UK’s top-notch restaurants, and an uptake in ‘wild’ meats such as venison. And according to research by the British Game Assurance (BGA), an organisation created to market and champion such produce, there has been a 9.6 per cent growth in the game meat market over the last three years, and it is estimated to be worth £44.8 million.


Liam Stokes, chief execuive officer of BGA, says: “Since its inception three years ago, BGA has been helping to put game on more shop shelves while making more consumers aware of game meat’s potential and versatility.


“‘Conscious consumers’ who think about provenance, health and the environment seem to be at the forefront of this growth, and the figures suggest that when people try game once, they will choose to buy it again. This growth doesn’t seem to be a one-off – people eating game are often new but committed converts.”

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