Dry Aired Treacle Streaky Bacon

Dry Aired Treacle Streaky Bacon

For when you’re craving something salty and sweet, our Double Smoked Black Treacle Cured Back Bacon & streaky bacon is the only thing that hits the spot. The unique taste of this bacon is down to the beautifully bittersweet taste of black treacle, which the pork loin’s & bellies bathe in for a minimun of 14 day’s to ensure the lust thick treacle soaks through to the core.  Dry cured with coarse sea salt by hand and double smoked, this bacon will blow your mind.  We’ve added an extra slice of bacon – to finally settle all those arguments about who gets the last rasher – plus we’ve made the bacon even thicker this time. We’re talking extra thick!

Our Treacle streaky bacon is very popular amongst our customers in store & online who crave the perfect bacon butty on a Sunday morning!! I mean we even now sell a turkey roll beautifully wrapped in a treacle streaky bacon lattice sheet, which is a real show stopper on anyones Christmas table when entertaining the family & guest’s.

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